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Nevada Department of Emergency Management

NVEmergencyMgmt What can you do to prepare your home before an earthquake happens? Store heavy or breakable objects Live in a high risk area? Consider buying #EarthquakeInsurance Secure items like TVs & bookcases ://
03:05PM Feb 18
NVEmergencyMgmt This #BlackHistoryMonth we commemorate the theme of “African Americans and the Vote” by reflecting on the historical struggles African Americans faced for the right to vote. Read stories that celebrate contributions from the African American community:
05:10PM Feb 08
NVEmergencyMgmt #China : Level 4- Do not travel due to the novel #coronavirus first identified in Wuhan. On 1/30 the WHO determined outbreak constitutes Public Health Emergency of Intl Concern (PHEIC). Most commercial air carriers reduced /suspended routes to/from China.
03:05PM Feb 06
NVEmergencyMgmt CO is found in fumes produced by furnaces, kerosene heaters, running vehicles, stoves, lanterns, gas ranges, portable generators, burning charcoal & wood. Protect yourself from #COpoisoning - Install a #CODetector & check the batteries every 6 mo. Visit: .
03:30PM Feb 05
NVEmergencyMgmt #TaxIdentityTheftAwareness Week Starts Today! Ready for tax season? If you’re not ready for #TaxIdentity thieves and #IRSImposters , you might not be. Here are some easy ways to learn how to recognize #scams and help protect yourself from fraud.
05:14PM Feb 03

Utah Department of Emergency Management

UtahEmergency How do you know if your tires are safe? Check with Honest Abe.
02:50PM Feb 17
UtahEmergency The Bluffdale area earthquakes that started 1 year ago today prompted a lot of questions. The most common was "How bad will an earthquake be at my house?" So we wrote this thread:
02:00PM Feb 15
UtahEmergency #TodayAtDEM We met with our partners to start planning a massive multi day exercise in 2021. And our Bob Carey was part of a panel discussion at the U about how to make science matter.
05:29AM Feb 06
UtahEmergency You know you're supposed to have an emergency kit. Don't you wish it would just make itself? Wish granted. @BeReadyUtah
10:24PM Feb 04
UtahEmergency #Utwx late starts/closures today: @UtahGov (4 hours) @DavisCountyHlth (10 am) @DavisSchools (2 hours) @ProvoSchoolDist (closed) @GraniteSchools (2 hours) @jordandistrict (closed) @CityCreekCenter (noon) @OfficialMustang (9:30 am) @JuabSD (closed) 1/
02:54PM Feb 03

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