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Quote of the day

Quote of the Day
  • Edith Wharton
    When people ask for time, it's always for time to say no. Yes has one more letter in it, but it doesn't take half as long to say. Discuss

Word of the Day

Word of the Day
  • poltroon
    Definition: (noun) An abject coward.
    Synonyms: craven, recreant.
    Usage: What a miserable little poltroon had fear, engendered of unjust punishment, made of me in those days.

This Day in History

This Day in History
  • The Thrilla in Manila (1975)
    Frequently rated among the greatest boxing matches of all time, the Thrilla in Manila saw world heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali meet rival Joe Frazier for the third—and final—time. Leading up to the match, Ali had publicly taunted Frazier, calling him a "gorilla." Because many believed Frazier to be past his prime, Ali—though older—was expected to win. However, the fight went on for 14 brutal rounds in the sweltering Manila heat, and neither man was able to knock out the other. Who won? Discuss