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Quote of the day

  • Francis Bacon
    Of ambitions, it is less harmful, the ambition to prevail in great things, than that other, to appear in every thing; for that breeds confusion, and mars business. Discuss

Word of the Day

  • benignity
    Definition: (noun) The quality of being kind and gentle.
    Synonyms: graciousness.
    Usage: As he opened his mouth to speak, a look almost of benignity, of kindliness, momentarily lighted up his fierce and terrible countenance.

This Day in History

  • Adams-Onís Treaty: Spain Sells Florida to the US (1819)
    In the early 1800s, tensions between the US and Spain were increasing over border disputes in North America. With Spanish power in the New World declining, it was widely believed that Spain would lose land to the US. The Adams-Onís Treaty settled the dispute by attempting to draw clearer borders, roughly granting Florida and Louisiana to the US while giving everything west of Louisiana to Spain. The US did not pay Spain directly for the new land. Instead, it compensated Spain in what way? Discuss