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Quote of the day

Quote of the Day

This Day in History

This Day in History
  • US Captures Guam from Spain (1898)
    Visited by Ferdinand Magellan in 1521, Guam was formally claimed by Spain in 1565 and remained under Spanish control until 1898, when it was taken by the US in the Spanish-American War. Because the Spanish garrison on the island had no knowledge of the war, the US sent a single Navy cruiser, the USS Charleston, and was able to capture Guam without a fight. At the end of the war, Guam was officially ceded to the US under the Treaty of Paris. How many Spanish soldiers were captured on Guam? Discuss

Word of the Day

Word of the Day
  • impermanent
    Definition: (adjective) Not lasting or durable; not permanent. Synonyms: temporary. Usage: After weeks of carefully constructing the beautiful sand mandala, the Tibetan monks quietly swept it away in a ceremony emphasizing the impermanent nature of existence. Discuss

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