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Quote of the day

Quote of the Day
  • Francis Bacon
    If a man look sharply and attentively, he shall see Fortune; for though she be blind, yet she is not invisible. Discuss

This Day in History

This Day in History
  • The Battle of Falkirk (1298)
    The Battle of Falkirk was a major battle in the First War of Scottish Independence. It was fought between the leader of the Scots, William Wallace, and King Edward I of England, also known as the Hammer of the Scots. In 1298, Edward I invaded Scotland and defeated a smaller force led by Wallace at Falkirk. Edward's longbowmen and cavalry decimated Wallace's spearmen, forcing him to retreat. What did Wallace do shortly after losing the battle? Discuss

Word of the Day

Word of the Day
  • emanation
    Definition: (noun) Something that issues from a source. Synonyms: emission. Usage: The sulphuretted hydrogen emanations, which Captain Burton mentions, could be distinctly smelt. Discuss

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