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  • Who is Anne Heche? What happened to the actress?
  • Mar-a-Lago searched by FBI, approved by Attorney General Merrick Garland
  • Why BYU could play spoiler to the College Football Playoff race
  • What can we do to save Colorado River, Lake Powell, Lake Mead | Opinion
  • Who will run for president in 2024? Can Biden or Trump win? | Opinion
  • Utah Lake restoration project: Human-made island earthquake hazard | Opinion
  • What Utah tie could heavily influence the College Football Playoff race?
  • Utah high school football: Desert Hills beats Brighton season opener
  • High school soccer: Thursday night highlight’s include Maeser Prep’s Cat Miller scoring her 100th career goal
  • The widow’s mite: Texas missionary honored for giving his all during service mission
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Quote of the Day

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Word of the Day
  • gegenschein
    Definition: (noun) A faint glowing spot in the sky, exactly opposite the position of the sun.
    Synonyms: counterglow.
    Usage: The gegenschein is so faint that it cannot be seen if there is any moonlight or if it falls in the vicinity of the Milky Way.

This Day in History

This Day in History
  • Last Quagga Dies at Amsterdam's Artis Magistra Zoo (1883)
    Once found in great numbers on the plains of South Africa, the quagga was heavily hunted by Dutch settlers and became extinct in 1883. A century later, it was the first extinct animal to have its DNA studied. This research determined that the quagga was most likely a variant of the common zebra, contrasting the theory that it was a separate species. The quagga had a sandy brown coat but—like the zebra—had dark stripes on its head, neck, and shoulders. Where did the name "quagga" come from? Discuss