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Nevada Department of Emergency Management

NVEmergencyMgmt Are sneezes & sniffles a sign of #cold or #flu ? Colds do not result in serious health problems & flu can have very serious complications. On average #FluVaccines have reduced the risk of flu hospitalizations among adults by about 40%. Learn more: #FightFlu
03:20PM Jan 23
NVEmergencyMgmt Could you be sharing more than you think? Review your privacy settings this #DataPrivacyDay - January 28. #DPD is an international effort to empower individuals & business to respect privacy, safeguard data & enable trust. Read more: #StaySafeOnline
03:30PM Jan 22
NVEmergencyMgmt Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebrates the life and achievements of #MartinLutherKingJr ., an influential American civil rights leader. He is most well-known for his campaigns to end racial segregation on public transport and for racial equality in the United States. #MLK
04:01PM Jan 21
NVEmergencyMgmt Please Forget what I did Last Summer: Old #Tweets Reveal Hidden Secrets. Old #Twitter posts could reveal places you visited, things you did, where you work, personal events, even if you didn’t explicitly mention them. #PrivacyAware
05:10PM Jan 20
NVEmergencyMgmt #Netflix #phishing #scam : Don’t take the bait! The example claims the user’s acct is on hold because Netflix is having issues with your billing info inviting the user to click on a link to update their payment method. Before you click on a link visit:
04:05PM Jan 19

Utah Department of Emergency Management

UtahEmergency Just three hours left to take our #UtahHazards411 poll. What is the most common natural disaster? Let us know what you think and we'll reveal the answer tomorrow here and at .
06:45PM Jan 22
UtahEmergency Take a brief poll. What is the most common hazard that becomes a natural disaster? We'll share the answer Tuesday. #UtahHazards411
09:47PM Jan 18
UtahEmergency Did you feel it? @UUSS_Quake_Info reports a magnitude 3.8 #earthquake 14km southwest of @EnterpriseCity . Here's the @USGS event page: This is why we have the @UtahShakeOut every year: Utah is earthquake country.
10:55PM Jan 16
UtahEmergency Today, we launched #DoingGoodInDisasters , the first in an occasional series to help Utahns make good decisions during a disaster. Many of us want to donate to disaster victims, but do you know that many donations hamper relief efforts? #EMGTwitter
10:12PM Jan 15
UtahEmergency Please take a moment with us to reflect on @ProvoPolice Master Officer #JoeShinners , who was laid to rest today. These photos are from his funeral at the @UCCUcenter in Orem. When we lose an officer in the line of duty, it hurts all of us. #LODD
11:51PM Jan 12

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