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  • Mark Twain
    Soap and education are not as sudden as a massacre, but they are more deadly in the long run. Discuss

Word of the Day

  • insomniac
    Definition: (adjective) Experiencing or accompanied by sleeplessness.
    Synonyms: sleepless, watchful.
    Usage: Every night, I'm woken by the sound of creaking floorboards as my insomniac husband leaves for another late-night snack.

This Day in History

  • Sten Sture the Younger Mortally Wounded in Battle (1520)
    Sture was a Swedish statesman and regent of Sweden. When he refused to recognize Christian II of Denmark as king of Sweden, Christian sent a force to aid Sture's rival, Archbishop Gustaf Trolle, whom Sture had deposed and who was besieged in his castle. Sture defeated the Danish army and imprisoned Trolle. Warfare continued, and Sture was killed in battle, but not before he paved the way for Swedish independence, which was attained under Gustavus I. What was done to Sture's body after his death? Discuss